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IoT Analytics for operational excellence

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IoT Analytics for operational excellence
Internet of Things (IoT) is a multi-layer platform that offers simple provisioning, management and automation of connected devices within the comprehensive IoT spectrum. It is an integration of several devices, networks, technologies and human resources to accomplish a common objective. There is a variety of IoT based applications being used in multiple sectors, offering enormous benefits to the end-users. From a business perspective, IoT enables the smart world around us. Right from live health monitoring, connected logistics to self-driven drones, it would be apt to say that we are staying in a hyper-automated world.
With automation seeping everywhere, it’s not an exaggeration that IoT is gaining significance and is transforming companies and continents, spearheading a new phase of economic growth and competitiveness. However, not all organizations have the required level of competency to adapt and transform the power of IoT to their business use. They encounter myriad challenges to innovate quickly, enhance operational efficiencies and minimize their environmental footprint.

The synergy between IoT and data
In the era of IoT, everything and everybody is connected, right from customers using a variety of sensors to enterprises leveraging cutting edge technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence. However, what is most paramount is the amount of data that these technologies generate and how it is being leveraged makes a huge difference! In that sense, IoT and data are always inherently integrated. And it should be noted that data disseminated from IoT devices have value only if it is subjected to analysis, which brings data analytics within the scope of IoT.

IoT is pervasive and your industry to is not an exception!
IoT is all-pervasive, finding its place in a multitude of industrial domains and verticals, driving insight-powered outcomes.

How IoT can be a game-changer in improving the operational efficiency of an organization?

Improves customer experience
Generating a good customer experience makes all the difference for your company to stand out in the competition. Some of the areas where IoT finds its place include safety analytics, predictive care, monitoring of medication and employee self-care.

Enhances existing product performance
When you are offering software or a financial product, powered by data-driven IoT solution, you can improve the quality of the product and its performance. IoT thus has wide applicability in this knowledge segment and the key areas where you can generate actionable outcomes include personalized insurance, Smart Grid Analytics, Traffic Management, Predictive Asset Maintenance, and Warranty Analytics.

Improves the quality of life
IoT analytics play a major role in optimizing people’s processes, thereby making their lives better. Some of the key areas where IoT analytics can significantly impact include worker safety, route optimization, smart assistants, and driver behavior modification.

Improves operational efficiency
Some of the areas that can derive value from IoT analytics include fleet optimization, fuel consumption analytics, energy utilization analytics, and remote alert monitoring.

Role of IoT in key business verticals
Connected logistics

  • Minimize the risk across your supply chain processes and ensure the quality and reliability of in-transit products using a comprehensive survey of inbound and outbound logistics
  • Enhance security and improve efficiency by tracking the location of materials
  • Monitor resource consumption with IoT sensors, which are integrated throughout your supply chain
  • Accomplish connected logistics with cutting edge technologies (Ex: Azure Sphere, Azure Maps and Azure Blockchain).

Precision farming

  • Leverage smart farming systems to ensure safety and quality of products from harvest to shelf
  • Track agriculture produce via supply chain and collaborate with other manufacturers and food and beverage producers by leveraging geo-location and sensor data

Prescriptive maintenance

  • Leverage advanced analytics and machine learning to alleviate production and service disruptions by connecting your devices, thereby anticipating outages
  • Increase production uptime using advanced insights and automatic alerts triggered by manufacturing data

How ACI can help you drive digitization efforts by leveraging IoT technologies?
IoT offers the best opportunity for your organization to foray into the vertical industries you serve. On account of a wide variety of components and players involved in the IoT space, defining the right business models is one of the greatest challenges in developing and offering an end-to-end IoT solution. ACI Infotech, one of the leading digitization partners can be your right partner to mitigate these challenges by leveraging our state-of-the-art, industry-endorsed ACI Analytics platform. This platform simplifies business intelligence (BI) for organizations by offering a comprehensive solution for preparing, analyzing and visualizing complex datasets.
Our ACI Analytics platform makes data inference simple. Without having any prior knowledge in data analytics, we make data analysis agile and flexible to provide actionable outcomes to your organization within days. Needless to say, our unique methodology enables business users and analysts to easily explore and infer huge amounts of data at unprecedented precision and speed. Moreover, our Single-Stack™ architecture eliminates the assembly line of tools that comprises of complex data (database, ETL and visualization tools). Put it succinctly, we offer the best of both worlds – a robust, end to end capabilities of legacy tools coupled with the agility and self-service of modern data discovery.


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