Reap the benefits of digital transformation through innovative technologies and expert management to propel your energy & utilities company forward.

Across the energy value chain, energy and utility companies are facing an unprecedented level of disruption due to the digital era. Digital is almost transforming the way energy and utility companies are operating in every aspect – from creating values, managing costs, serving customers in capturing new market opportunities.

Having understood the current changes in the industry, ACI uses its deep utility experience combined with a structured approach to enable companies to comprehend emerging opportunities and risks and define the best strategies tailored to their unique situation. We help companies reach their digital vision, help transform their core businesses, and also establish a solid foundation for full-scale digital transformation. We help drive process improvements and address the various competitive pressures by offering high-impact solutions to support every business digital transformation.

Business Intelligence Analytics for the Energy Industry

With the implementation of Smart Grid and Meter Data Management technologies, utility companies are always faced with the challenge of providing meaningful analytics and reporting against massive data sources. By leveraging BI service offering, our energy and utilities practice is well equipped to support all Smart Grid BI and Analytics needs.

Oracle Utilities Practice

We have skilled consultants with extensive experience in Oracle’s CC&B, MDM, and WAM products and continue to build skills in other Oracle Utilities applications.

IDG’s 2018 Digital Business research report reveals that 89% of organizations have adopted, or have plans to adopt a “digital-first” business strategy.

We offer development services for the energy and utilities industry in the following areas:

  • Energy management systems
  • Automated metering infrastructure
  • Smart substation automation system modules
  • Big Data analysis for real-time business intelligence through high volume metering data
  • Wireless communications and Intelligent electronic devices


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