Expand digital capabilities to transform your banks with digital strategies and data-driven insights to succeed in the face of increased risk and changing banking, financial & capital markets landscape.

Our unique digital financial service solutions and deep domain expertise enable for better client engagement, and speed decision-making to capture more market share. ACI can easily help transform banks and financial institutions by delivering scalable service and also managing and executing strategic initiatives. We also support banking software applications and infrastructures that extract insights from data so that you can have a better engagement with consumers and users.

Across the banking, financial and capital markets services industry, ACI has deep domain industry expertise and extensive experience. Our experience spans all sectors and financial instruments – Equities, Fixed Income, Asset Management, Derivatives, Foreign Exchange, Hedge Funds, Commodities, Mortgages, Structured Products, Retail, Lending, and Insurance. Our domain experts have experience working in some of the world’s largest investment banks and consulting firms across the globe. ACI has seasoned professionals with years of experience in multiple financial services sectors.

Our Comprehensive Solutions
Front Office, Middle Office, and Back Office and expertise in third-party software like Charles River, Murex, Portia, and CAMRA.

Our Expertise in Banking & Financial Solution Frameworks
Basel II, MiFID, Reference Data Services, DFA (Dodd-Frank Act) Reporting, AML & Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance.

Gartner Survey Finds Banking and Investment Services CIOs are the Most Focused on Digitalization.

ACI’s digital banking, financial and capital markets solutions are:

  • Business Analysis and IT Strategy Consulting
  • Application Development/System Integration
  • Legacy Maintenance and Modernization
  • Systems, Data and feeds Integration
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Portfolio Accounting and Reporting
  • Infrastructure Services


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